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Planters - Window Box | Reclaimed

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Looking to brighten up your window sills with a splash of mother natures colour? Our window boxes are just the thing to elevate your plants showcasing the beauty of being in bloom.


  • Planters 70x20, height 25cm
  • 3 x drainage holes
  • 2 x feet to raise planter 2cm from the ground
  • Thick solid wood - 3.5cm (Approx)
  • Wood; European Whitewood
  • Wax and oiled finish using natural outdoor products from OSMO

Our items have been handcrafted to a high standard making them strong, stable and able to endure whatever life throws at them. We use a combination of natural oils and waxes that make our timber resistant to the elements and easy to wipe clean or coat again.

We make items from reclaimed & recycled materials

To tackle waste, reduce carbon emissions while creating career paths for the next generation improving social mobility, mental health & reducing anti social behaviour. Check out our thinkFOUNDATION.

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