Who we support
Our main focus is to help 18-25 year olds who are struggling to find employment or education. We work closely with many grassroot organisations that refer young people to us. In particular we have a strong relationship with Project Zero who we partner with on our programmes. Project Zero engages young people in positive activities to promote social inclusion, reduce anti-social / offending behaviour and strengthen community cohesion. We are part of their employability and training offer.

Who else do we support
We also support senior (often retired) skilled workers who volunteer with us; offering assistance, invaluable knowledge and experience to impart to a younger generation. If you are a mature skilled worker and would like to volunteer with us then click here for more information.

Another area where we aid career development and social cohesion is the help we offer beginning or change of career individuals. If you are beginning a career or looking to begin a career in a social enterprise or social sector then you too can volunteer with us via ….thinkfound/volunteer. Volunteering with us can be that springboard to you gaining vital experience and acquire a feel for the reality of a future job in the social sector.