FOUNDogy; we are named thinkFOUND as it embodies the core elements to our design start point and philosophy. "think" to be concise of and "FOUND" in referecne to the found object/material.

Where our wood comes from:

Reclaimed Timber:
Our reclaimed wood timber is sourced from the construction industry. Expired scaffolding boards which have served their purpose and are no longer needed are diverted from the waste stream to use to make our reclaimed wood range of furniture.

Plywood & Carpentry grade Pine:
We partner with a company that creates shipping crates for the art world. These crates house art works for exhibitions that can be sent around the world. They are made of top quality ply & pine. When a crate comes to the end of its journey we repurpose / harvest the material giving this material a second life.

With support from ReLondon we have developed a circular economy partnership with Saunders Seasoning.

Saunders Seasoning have created a model of giving London's felled trees a second life; over 5,000 mature trees are felled in London every year – oak, London plane, sycamore, ash and more. Most are simply chipped and burned. It’s a huge waste. And when you consider 93% of hardwood sold in the UK is imported, it’s also an environmental opportunity missed. Saunders Seasoning work with councils, developers and tree surgeons with an alternative. They recycle and repurpose the trees they fell, milling them into planks and seasoning them to produce furniture-grade hardwood timber.

Trees that have been felled due to disease, developments or storms. We repurpose this timber with our partners Saunders Seasoning. Timber which would have otherwise been chipped, burnt or gone into the wastestream. We turn this unique hardwood timber into beautiful furniture with a story that has its roots in London. 

Being green in other ways:
Our process, waste management, workshop operations, delivery and right down to our packaging all consider our environmental obligation to be a flagship enterprise doing business and creating employment and skills training while being sustainable. We are creating a culture of green. From moving our customer to greener alternative to teaching our staff and the next generation to not just be green but to thinking green. We can help the next generation have the ability to be entrepreneurial, sustainable and work ready for the green economy.