What we do
We deliver programmes that introduce young people to the working environment by making products that help the environment. We then expand on this with experience buildign and gudience along with mentoring. Once an individual has stuck with our 2 entry level programmes we then look to integrate them with the thinkFOUND enterprise working on projects with us or assisting our partners in the creative and construction industry. 

We have links to training & apprenticeship opportunities in the construction industry as well as employment opportunities in the creative industry.

How it works
Candidates work on practical projects such as making dinning and coffee tables working both individually and as part of a team. We provide weekly workshop sessions focussing on key work skills and invite guest speakers to provide teaching on topics including how to make use of social media. We educate on what employers are looking for, what makes a business successful and the importance of ‘green’ practice in business. Each candidate has a workbook to fill in each week with mentors signing off relevant competencies they have gained.We facilitate individuals to set personal goals to work on during the placement and beyond. We provide a bespoke references and help link up individuals to possible future employers.

We provide our candidates opportunities to experience learning in different ways within a supportive setting and real working environment; contributing to a functioning furniture business.

We not only work on relevant and transferable professional skills including attendance, time management, individual and group working etc. but also break down the core principles around how to gain and sustain employment; advising on aspects such as the value of networking, online professionalism, how to write a CV, conduct an interview and delving in to what ‘professionalism’ actually means.

We offer guidance and support on a practical and theoretical level offering weekly classroom sessions as well as time to reflect, both in one to one sessions with mentors as well as group/ paired sessions with peers.

The candidates not only gain practical skills but work towards completing a set of professional competencies as well as personal goals. As a result, they are supplied with an individualised in-depth reference to pass on to future employees

Follow on
We are building a network for our candidates to put the experience they have acquired with our programme and the take away in-depth reference to immediate use. This network consists of council and government programmes, other work experience through other businesses, signposting to pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeships schemes and pairing candidates with other employment opportunities.