Step Up To Work

thinkFOUNDATION Step Up To Work programme is a specialised work experience platform that engages, educates and trains those struggling to acquire the necessary skills and experience to make them work ready. We provide opportunities and support young Londoner who are at risk of, or have fallen out of education or employment. The programme provides a hands-on working environment within the thinkFOUND furniture making company.

Original programme supported by the Mayor / GLA

Currently looking for funding/partners to scale.

  • Level 2; Work Experience [Supported Work Experience]
  • Date; June, Sept, Dec, March
  • Space; 2  people each time
  • Duration; 3 Month work experience programme
  • 4 days at thinkFOUND workshop for possible onsite work
  • Finances; Expense paid for, travel & food. 
  • Funding; thinkFOUND funds this through its sales.

Participants learn to make thinkFOUND products within the thinkFOUND production line. They learn to use machines, power tools and processes along with design work. We also work on CV's and demystify the interview process while helping coach individuals into being work ready - building their own networks and using the digital space to further their career. We continue to work on soft and transferable skills. We have links to other training and apprenticeship opportunities within the construction and creative industry which we can help facilitate further career growth. Next steps can be to join thinkPROJECTs which is paid employment.