thinkFOUNDATION Projects is a rolling programme for graduates of our other programmes to join. Its purpose is to generate access to paid employment by working with us on projects/commission.

Current jobs:

- Parklet for Waltham Forest Council. [August - Sept]

- Meanwhile Space for Westminster City Council, BYUK, Astudio. [Sept - Nov]

Freelance subcontracted work (blend of part time & full time paid for by thinkFOUND) 

  • Level 3; On the Job [Pre-Apprenticeship]. 
  • Date; Rolling.
  • Spaces; 1-2 people.
  • Duration; 6 months.
  • Finances; Minimum wage or living wage depending on project budget and skills.
  • Funding; From project budget/client.  

Participants integrate themselves with the thinkFOUND team working on projects and commissons working with clients of desing an delivery.

Participants assist with projects such as site builds & installs for clients, sometimes in partnership with the construction & creative industries; Councils, Phil Creates, Wood Street Walls, Argall Estate Businesses etc. The participants also learn to teach other people taking part in our work ready pathway programmes (Assembling Futures, Step Up to Work). Next steps would be to become a full-time employee at thinkFOUND or join apprenticeships and other pay employment from our employment network.